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MySQL to MSSQL Database Conversion

MySQL to MSSQL Database Conversion Tool is a program to convert MySQL created database records to Microsoft SQL database server record format. Database converter software provides comprehensive solution to convert MySQL database records into existing MSSQL database or save the converted MySQL table records at user specified location. Conversion utility supports all major versions of MySQL and MSSQL DB server.

Database Converter utility is an inexpensive software solution which eliminates the need of costly and time consuming DB conversion services. Software migrates large database volume records or required tables rapidly and economically. Database conversion tool supports all major database data types, attributes, primary key, default values, null values, and key constraints.

Price : Buy at $45

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Important Features

  • Convert entire database or desired number of records from MySQL to MSSQL database server.
  • Software supports indexes, primary keys along with all necessary database attributes and data types.
  • Work with all major versions of Microsoft SQL and My SQL database server.
  • Utility is comprehensible tool which enables both Professional and Home users to use the database conversion software.
  • Economical database conversion software carries out conversion process of numerous tables quickly.
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