Pictures recovery
Pictures recovery


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Your product just saved me a lot of embarrassment with a client as I had some data that appeared to be lost forever due to corruption. These were files FLA, SWF, MOV... Your software restored them all!!!
Thank you.

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Thank you for creating your product. I was able to recover my lost files. Thanks for the demo. I bought your product because as a test I could see the high level file directories. This meant to me that your product would able to keep going down lower into the subdirectories.

No reply needed. Just a satisfied customer!

Rich Kellett
Office of E-Gov Solutions
Office of Citizen Services and Communications, GSA

I was able to figure out how to get the directory and files. It now appears I was able to successfully recover all the files I needed. At this point, I am quite pleased with the result.

Thank you
Bruce Rainey

Thank you for resetting the link. I've downloaded the software and recovered my hard drives successfully... Thank you for all your help and quick customer support.


Thank you for the Data Recovery Software. I have recovered more than 95% of my files after being formatted. It is an excellent piece of software.

Merve Yavuz

Good morning, and thanks for your answer. The good news is that I was able to successfully recover about 90% of my data using a Windows Server 2003 machine and your excellent product. My USB device had about 2k of bad blocks on it, which was the root cause of my issue. Thank you again for your excellent product.

Michael d. Williams
Senior consultant
Microsoft corporation

As a member of the U.S. Army Reserves with a disabled wife, your product was a blessing. For some reason by computer crashed destroying the partitions on the hard drive. With your product I was able to recover 90% of my military records along with my wife's medical files.

Thank you so much!!!

SSG James cook
Knoxville, tn 37912