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Advanced KeyLogger

Advanced KeyLogger is a professional keystroke monitoring tool to record overall system activities including typed keystrokes, voice chat conversations, clipboard activities and also capturers Windows Screen shots of all applications accessed anywhere on your system in your absence. Visual surveillance tool captures each and every key typed including typed emails, chat conversations, Login IDs, passwords, websites visited etc on your PC to tell you exactly what was typed and in which application. Stealth keylogger remains hidden in “Start menu”, “Add or Remove programs”, “Desktop” and installation folder path.

Price : Buy at $49

Invisible keylogger tool sends the user activity log to specified email ID in encrypted form or can be uploaded through FTP server settings to let you check all user’s activities without being physically there. PC monitoring program is well suited for home users as well as for professionals who wants to monitor the activities performed by children, employees or any other external user. Keylogger Software is installed in hidden mode disabling any user to view the logs or change software configuration settings.

Software Features

  • Provide option to mail the recorded log file to user specified Email ID or can be uploaded via FTP server settings.
  • Reports can be easily generated in .txt or .html formats to view the detailed logs.
  • Keylogger works invisibly in background, since it is hidden from Desktop items, Program Files, Startup menu and installation folder path.
  • Bypasses all major anti Keyloggers tools.
  • Password protected application cannot be accessed by any external user.
  • Software starts monitoring as windows starts by enabling “Run at Window Startup” option.
  • Hot key and Run command feature helps to access the program while running in hidden mode.
  • Does not affect the overall performance of your computer system!

Monitoring Features

  • Track and record all keyboard characters typed by user in any application on your PC.
  • Records all clipboard operations performed by user with provided details of active window title.
  • Track voice chat conversations that take place on your PC to get fair idea about other users chatting activities.
  • Records detailed report of any application that is launched or accessed by PC users in your absence.
  • Track changes made in system date and time by any user without your permission.
  • Regularly captures screenshots of all recently viewed applications to visually see what was going on your PC with advanced slideshow feature.

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