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Bulk Messaging Software FAQs

Q: How your Bulk Messaging Software is capable for commercial or home usage?

Answer: Our Bulk Messaging Software helps you in promoting your business performance by following listed commercial and non-commercial activities-

  • Through sending job alerts, notification, marketing or simply communication information with staff and clients about any new business ideas, newly launched schemes, plans or current affairs etc.
  • By broadcasting bulk SMS including personalized SMS, order status, business greetings, marketing information and much more to multiple recipients.
  • Notifying each customer about current business activity like price changes and stock information, meetings schedule, appointment reminders etc.
  • Informing clients for product launches, notifying debtor for account balance, sending critical news to mobile users etc.
  • Facilitating user to create and generate text report of sent messages.
  • Ensuring customers that they are up-to-date with new products and services.

Q: I am facing an error while using your SMS Software, as it displays error message ‘Either Device not connected properly or ActiveSync not found’, what should I do?

Answer: In this situation, you are only supposed to take following actions:

  • Either your mobile device is not connected to PC properly, so check whether your hardware device settings are in proper way.
  • Or check whether your mobile phone is synchronized with your PC.


  1. If your system is running Windows XP, or earlier, synchronization settings will be managed through Microsoft ActiveSync.
  2. If your Desktop PC is running Windows Vista, synchronization settings will be managed through the Windows Mobile Device Center.

Q: What is the difference between Standard SMS and Notification?


  • Standard SMS: Saves sent items automatically.
  • Notifications: Asks user to whether save or nor sent message’s details.

Q: Does SMS software support message sending service on international mobile network?

Answer: Yes, our SMS Software is fully capable to send single or bulk sms on network of any country nationally or globally.

Q: Which brands of mobile phone are supported by SMS Software?

Answer: Our SMS Software is fully compatible with all major supported brands of smart phone or handheld windows based pocket pc devices (based on Microsoft’s Windows OS) including manufacturers like Samsung Epix, HTC T8290, Samsung T*Omnia, Elef Touche, HP IPAQ, SGH-i688, Motorola Moto Q11, Palm Treo Pro, Asus P552w, Spice D-1100, Toshiba Portege G810 and more brands.

Q: How can I know that whether SMS sent successfully or not?

Answer: SMS Software has one wonderful ‘Show sent items’ option with the help of which you can easily track report of sent messages and can know which messages have been failed to send.

Q: Does any internet connection is required to send sms?

Answer: No, you are not required to have any internet connection service for sending single or bulk sms to number of people; you can easily send SMS in just few seconds using only Mobile phone and Desktop PC or Laptop.


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