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Data Wiping Tool

Data Wiping Software allows you to delete selected files and folders, entire logical drives, internet traces including History, Cookies, Internet cache and other temporary files. Data erasure tool wipes and frees up the hard disk space ensuring smooth functioning of your fixed drive. Once the data have been removed it is beyond the recovery limits of any Data Recovery Software application. When you delete a file, document or any other information from your jump drive, zip drive, memory stick and other removable media, it not actually wiped and can be easily accessed. The data sanitization software erases your data permanently such that it is unrecoverable by any data recovery software.

Price : Buy at $45


Important Features

  • Delete confidential records of your Internet Explorer such as temporary files, typed URL, internet cookies etc.
  • Wipes file & folders and entire logical drive.
  • Erase data files and folders in a single click.
  • Schedule to erase according to your need.
  • Wipes unused disk space removing previously deleted files.
  • Clean unused clusters which are not linked to any file system.
  • Completely removes log files, temporary files, swap file, index files and other system files that track your internet history.
  • Safeguard your sensitive information such as financial transaction records, user passwords and other confidential records.

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