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Financial Accounting Software FAQs

Q: What is the key difference between a Standard and Enterprise Edition of Billing and Account Management Software?

Answer: Billing and Account Management Software (Standard Edition) simply keeps track of accounting transactions where as Barcode Account Management Software (Enterprise Edition) is an advance business tool with barcode functionality that manages all financial transaction reports in unique way.

Q: What is the role of Barcoding in Barcode Account Management Software?

Answer: Unique barcoding facility saves user time by avoiding manual data entry errors and generating accurate financial transaction reports including Tax reports, Inventory reports etc in an effective way.

Q: How your Billing and Account Management Software keeps track of financial transactions?

Answer: Billing and Account Management Software creates various financial transaction reports including Account report, Stock report, Sales/Purchase report, Production report etc for evaluating business health and calculating total business profit.

Q: Billing and Account Management Software benefits whom?

Answer: Billing and Account Management Software has been designed for small to large level enterprises, firms and industries for application areas including –

  • Pharmaceutical Companies
  • Telecom Industry
  • Postal Services
  • Real Estate
  • Manufacturing
  • Retail Industry
  • Transportation
  • Service Sector
  • Hotel Industry
  • IT Services and many other application areas.

Q: How Billing and Account Management Software is beneficial for us?

Answer: Billing and Account Management Software benefits users in following ways-

  • Efficiently keeps track all financial transaction reports.
  • Helps in estimating financial health of business.
  • Lets user evaluate net business profit and loss.
  • Provides detailed and accurate report of business transactions and records.
  • Effectively maintains year wise financial records.
  • Prevents record modification for particular time period by using Freeze option.
  • Provides estimates for total sales/purchase, profit/loss of business for any financial year.

Q: How does Barcode Software avoid manual data entry errors and generate accurate financial transaction reports?

Answer: Barcode Software mainly identifies each product in product group uniquely. Thus Barcoding Software is helpful in distinguishing product features and attributes among bunch of items. Enterprise Edition Barcode Label Making Software automatically fetches all product details only after providing barcode value of product. Thus in this way Billing and Account Management software avoids manual data entry error and generates accurate financial transaction reports.

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