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Forensic Software FAQs

Q: What details does your Pocket PC Forensic Tool investigate?

Answer: Pocket PC Forensic Tool analyzes Windows based mobile phone information including-

  • OS Registry Information: Application installed on Windows OS based mobile phone, Mobile architecture information, User profile etc.
  • File Information: File Name, Location, Size, Creation Time and Date etc details.
  • Database Information: Database Name, Type and Records etc.
  • Phone Information: Phone book contact numbers, Text messages, IMEI number, Service provider name, Network status, Manufacturer name, Model number, Phone task information, Battery quality, Audio/Video clippings, Picture files and other saved files and folders etc.

Q: What brands of mobile phones are currently supported with the Pocket PC Forensic Tool?

Answer: Pocket PC Forensic Tool supports all major brands of mobile phones including Sony, Samsung, Nokia, Motorola, LG, BlackBerry, HTC, Acer, HP, Siemens, Alcatel and many more brands.

Q: What information does Mobile Phone Inspector investigate?

Answer: Mobile Phone Inspector displays following information-

  • Phone Hardware information (including Sim IMEI number, Mobile IMSI number, text messages status etc)
  • Address Book details including (contact name/phone number)
  • Phone book capacity for both sim and mobile phone memory
  • Shows all read / unread text messages including (sms status, sender phone number and message content)
  • Utility provides details of mobile general information like mobile manufacturer, mobile model number, battery status and signal quality of your cell phone.

Q: Can Mobile Phone Inspector investigate sim card and mobile phone details of international network service provider?

Answer: Yes, Mobile Phone Inspector is fully capable to investigate details of sim card and mobile phone of any network service provider worldwide.


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