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Internet History Eraser

Internet History Eraser deletes all secret files and folders that you do not want others to access. Do you assume that all the personal information on your computer can be accessed only by you? You might delete files from your computer thinking that once deleted they cannot be accessed again. Anyone capable enough to find those files can read them.

The software protects your privacy by permanently deleting internet history and long-ago computer activities and deletes internet history including typed URLs, address bar history, cookies and temporary internet files of your internet explorer supported browser. It is fully tested to the latest standards so that files once deleted with Internet history Eraser ensures your secret data is erased for ever which can not be recovered back.

Important Features

  • Clean internet explorer history files.
  • Delete address bar and temporary Internet files.
  • Delete internet explorer cookies files.
  • You can erase browser path permanently.
  • Securely cleans all Windows temporary files.
  • Protect your browser's home page, search page, blank page and default Windows title bar.
  • Ensure deleted files can never be recovered from your machine.
  • Better performance by your computer by erasing unwanted or erotic files.

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