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PC Care Tool FAQs

Q: What is the difference between KeyLogger and Advance KeyLogger Tool?

Answer: KeyLogger software is a hidden monitoring tool that allows you to track and record each key pressed by other users in encrypted log files with option to send logs at defined e-mail address.

Advance KeyLogger Software invisibly records everything users do on your PC or over internet whether it is clipboard content, voice chat details and other applications used by external users in log files that can be accessed from anywhere through e-mail or FTP server settings

Q: After installing the KeyLogger software whether it will be visible to external users or not?

Answer: No, KeyLogger software is a hidden monitoring tool that runs invisibly as a background process. Key Logger will not appear on the Desktop, Add/Remove Programs, startup menu and even remains in hidden installation folder path.

Q: What are the major application areas of KeyLogger software?

Answer: KeyLogger software supports user activity monitoring in following applications-

  • Social Life (What are your family members and friends search on your Computer system).
  • Office Life (Are your employees searching unofficial thing during working hours?).
  • Parental Monitoring (Do your children’s chat with stranger, when you are away?).
  • Login ID Checking (Retrieving previously signed up Login ID and Passwords).
  • Documents Checking (Restoring text which was typed previously or the day before yesterday or more) and other similar activities.

Q: Is KeyLogger Software password protected?

Answer: Yes, KeyLogger Software is fully password protected application specially designed to prevent unauthorized user to access recorded activity logs and software settings.

Q: How do I receive details of external user’s activities on my PC, when I am away from my system?

Answer: KeyLogger tool regularly sends user activity recorded log details to system owner through email at specified mail address. In addition, Advanced Keylogger software also facilitates to upload log files via FTP server settings, so no need to worry if you are away from your system since software always keeps you up to date with user’s activities without being there.


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