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Setup Package Creator FAQs

Q: Does your Setup Builder Software facilitate to create Installation and uninstallation setup for any software application?

Answer: Yes, our customized Setup Builder Software facilitates users to create Installation and uninstallation setup for any software application.

Q: Why MSI to EXE Creator needed?

Answer: MSI files are the Windows installer files and require different components for the installation where as the EXE file is simply an executable file that requires no additional components while running and installing any software program. Therefore, MSI files can be converted into EXE setup installation files using MSI to EXE Creator software.

Q: How does your Setup Builder Software deploy and distribute your Windows application over internet market?

Answer: Our Setup Builder Software is a compact exe distribution program that compiles your Windows application and converts it into a single self extracting setup file named ‘setup.exe’. Generated executable file is sufficient alone to run and install your windows programming on the computer system.

Q: Is the MSI to EXE Creator software capable to maintain the original structure of the MSI file even after setup file conversion?

Answer: Yes, MSI to EXE Creator Software is fully capable to maintain the original structure and content of MSI file even after it has been converted into EXE setup file.

Q: Setup Builder Software is meant for whom?

Answer: Setup Builder Software facilitates Professionals like Programmer, Developer, Coder, Software Analyst etc to let them build their project using all major languages or any platform.

Q: Why to choose Setup Builders Software?

Answer: Setup Builder Software comprises of following useful sections and lets user avail with a variety of optional features to be included with setup file while creating software setup-

  • Registry Section: Lets you define Sub key value, sub key name, root key value, name another details.
  • Dialog and setup wizard Section: Facilitates user to include License Agreement, Launching shortcuts, Desktop Icon, Creating product menu group etc facilities.
  • Uninstall Setup option: Provides you option to remove setup wizard when no longer needed.
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