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Android Recovery Software


Many tablet PC, smart phones and other devices are developed with this OS. Most of the people who are using these android devices might ever meet such situations where they needed to perform android data recovery to recover lost data from android devices. Android data recovery software swiftly recovers all lost files and folders from android technology based devices like android mobile phones, android tablet pc and other android devices.

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Android Recovery Software
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If you have lost data from android device and intended to recover them back then go through the following steps that can help you to recover your android data.

  • 👉Stop using your android device and don’t store any new data into it.
  • 👉 Install the android data recovery software and connect android device with your computer.
  • 👉 If files found, get registered and then save files. ( Select different destination path to save recovered data if you save data in same drive you may lost data for forever)
  • 👉 Select standard recovery searches (Basic Search , Deep Search) or Android specific searches (Photo Search, Video Search, Signature Search )
  • 👉 Select the drive from which you want to recover your lost or deleted data.
  • 👉 Select the partition from which you want to recover data.
  • 👉Disk is scanned for deleted or lost files and folders.
  • 👉 Save the recovered data.

Tips for successfully android data recovery

  • After the data loss occurrence don’t store any new data in it because the old data may be overwritten by the new data.
  • After the complete data recovery don’t store the recovered data into the same path where you lost them otherwise you can lost data for forever.

Software highlights

Android data recovery software provides ideal solution to recover mistakenly deleted files and folders from various android devices like android tablet PC, Android smart phones and other android technology based devices. Android data restoration program is developed with different searching modes (Basic Search, Deep Search, Photo Search, Video Search and Signature Search) to search and recover all lost android data.